Getting closer…

It’s been a while! Last time I posted, I was about to:

  • Run the Frigid Fanny 4-miler Nailed it. And by nailed it, I mean “came in 1st in my age group”.

post-race prize-stylin'


  • Run a 12 mile long run I’m hoping this one was a harbinger of things to come.
  • Run in the “Perfect 10” 10-miler Nailed it. And by nailed it, I mean “came in 3rd in my age group”. For a 10 mile run!

I am a sweatybetty.

So, yeah, I’m feeling pretty good physically right now. My legs are nowhere near as sore as they were when I was preparing for my first half back in October, when I had shin splints and charleyhorses on the reg. Plus my legs just ached all the time. But my mental game is starting to act up just a bit. The RTB is in 2 1/2 weeks, y’all. Eek.


From here on out, my weekly totals decrease quite a bit as I save up my energy and try to avoid injury. Fingers clenchedImeancrossed.

I’m baaa-aack!

Joining the masses of post-holiday armchair fitness experts and getting back on the horse. My year began with a 5 mile race on Jan. 1 and I’ve got my schedule booked til May. It is ON:

  1. January: Resolution Run 5 Miler
  2. February: Frigid Fanny 4 Miler
  3. March: The “Perfect 10” 10 Miler
  4. April: Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon
  5. May: Derby Day 10 K (and maaaaaayyyybe this one???)

I started training this week for the RTB half… ack! I’m starting from scratch with the same plan from the summer, which means a 5-day run week, 2 rest days, with increasing long runs on Saturdays. I’ve got one extra week in there this time to accommodate the March race – I needed to make it part of a taper schedule for the RTB. So (I know I’m not supposed to start sentences with “So…”, but hey, I’m a rebel), this week looked/looks like:

  • Monday: 3
  • Tuesday: 3
  • Wednesday: 3
  • Thursday: 3
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 4
  • Sunday: REST
Ready for that Resolution Running

So I guess this time around it’s thirteentothirteenpointone, technically.

IHHM 2015!

chilly pre-race
It was c-o-o-o-o-ld and I was nervous. Greg was trying to get me to smile.
Feelin' good! Probably about halfway. (Photo by Lewis Gardner)
Feelin’ good! Probably about halfway.
(Photo by Lewis Gardner)
Just after mile 10 and the last big hill. (Photo by Lewis Gardner)
Just after mile 10 and the last big hill.
(Photo by Lewis Gardner)
All smiles with my seriously heavy medal.



I’ll post a less-pictorial wrap-up in a few days…

Taper, taper, taper…

Saturday was my last long run! 8 miles, 50 degrees, light rain, finally got my race mix down on my Shuffle, there was nothing I didn’t like about this run. Besides a particularly persistent charley horse in my left leg around mile 4, that is. But it worked itself out after I stopped for a minute or 2, so it was all good.

This week’s running schedule is practically nothing! Looks like:

  • IMG_3368Monday: 3 miles
  • Tuesday: 3 miles
  • Wednesday: 3 miles
  • Thursday: WALK 2 miles
  • Friday & Saturday: REST

Then, of course, Sunday is go time. It’s crazy hard to believe that these last 12 weeks have flown by the way they have. How incredulous was I that I could even run 7 miles, no less 12!  And this whole running thing in general…I went from running to running 5Ks to trying a couple 10Ks and now my first half is so close!

I’m starting to get pretty anxious about the race… I’ll tackle that in my next post.