Getting closer…

It’s been a while! Last time I posted, I was about to:

  • Run the Frigid Fanny 4-miler Nailed it. And by nailed it, I mean “came in 1st in my age group”.

post-race prize-stylin'


  • Run a 12 mile long run I’m hoping this one was a harbinger of things to come.
  • Run in the “Perfect 10” 10-miler Nailed it. And by nailed it, I mean “came in 3rd in my age group”. For a 10 mile run!

I am a sweatybetty.

So, yeah, I’m feeling pretty good physically right now. My legs are nowhere near as sore as they were when I was preparing for my first half back in October, when I had shin splints and charleyhorses on the reg. Plus my legs just ached all the time. But my mental game is starting to act up just a bit. The RTB is in 2 1/2 weeks, y’all. Eek.


From here on out, my weekly totals decrease quite a bit as I save up my energy and try to avoid injury. Fingers clenchedImeancrossed.

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