Just about halfway

Sorry about the late posting – the week has gotten a bit away from me! So last Saturday was the evil run, the mean run, the dreaded run. For some reason, me and the 9 mile distance just don’t really get along. 8? Cool. 10? Fine. 9? Sucks. So knowing that I had this in front of me plus the fact that it was like 10 degrees that morning made me look like this:

There is a lot of knitting in the background…

Hm. A little trepidatious. At least I was color-coordinated. Not bad for an early Saturday morning. So, how did it go?


I hesitate… but now that I have some distance on the run (ha) it was…ok? I think I’ll reserve judgement and see what happens next time I run the niner – so like, a month from now.

Tomorrow I’m looking at 10 miles during what will be a unseasonably warm day. High in the 60s! In February! I’m drinking an iced coffee right now, actually! What is this madness?!?! After tomorrow, I’m looking at:

  • Monday: 4
  • Tuesday: 3
  • Wednesday: 5
  • Thursday: 4
  • Saturday: 11 (with a Frigid Fanny 4-Miler event in the morning)

Oh and yesterday I signed up for another half on May 21. Who AM I anymore? 🙂

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