My name Is Jonas (or, #blizzardcaloriesdon’tcount)

What I did Saturday instead of running.
What I did Friday instead of working.
What else I did on Saturday.

I was feeling a little sad that I wouldn’t get to do my 6 miler this week due to Snopocalypse 2016. Luckily, cabin fever had set in long before today (when I DID actually get to run – all 6 miles!) and I was able to get a bunch of walking in. Which basically was cross-country skiing. Which totally counts as cross-training. Which made those beer cupcakes (yup, made with West Sixth Oktoberfest!) with maple bourbon cream cheese frosting taste even better.


Training week 2 is down. Crazy KY weather meant I was running in shorts last Saturday and this today:


What I learned about 14 degrees:

  1. A silk baselayer plus a poly top is just fine.
  2. The balaclava is great for warming up my inhale, but I HATE exhaling through it. I don’t feel like I’m getting all my air out, or something just as irrational.
  3. Balaclava+glasses=C.S.S. (can’t see sheee-it… due to foggy lenses)
  4. My heavier tights are too big for me now.
  5. My knee-high compression socks are pretty great; I hadn’t yet worn them. And I got to pull off the dorky socks-over-my-tights look which I secretly love.

I shouldn’t have too much trouble if my next race lives up to its name.


I’m baaa-aack!

Joining the masses of post-holiday armchair fitness experts and getting back on the horse. My year began with a 5 mile race on Jan. 1 and I’ve got my schedule booked til May. It is ON:

  1. January: Resolution Run 5 Miler
  2. February: Frigid Fanny 4 Miler
  3. March: The “Perfect 10” 10 Miler
  4. April: Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon
  5. May: Derby Day 10 K (and maaaaaayyyybe this one???)

I started training this week for the RTB half… ack! I’m starting from scratch with the same plan from the summer, which means a 5-day run week, 2 rest days, with increasing long runs on Saturdays. I’ve got one extra week in there this time to accommodate the March race – I needed to make it part of a taper schedule for the RTB. So (I know I’m not supposed to start sentences with “So…”, but hey, I’m a rebel), this week looked/looks like:

  • Monday: 3
  • Tuesday: 3
  • Wednesday: 3
  • Thursday: 3
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 4
  • Sunday: REST
Ready for that Resolution Running

So I guess this time around it’s thirteentothirteenpointone, technically.