Halfway there!

Finishing up Week 6… hard to believe. Week looked like this:

  • Monday: 3
  • Tuesday: 3
  • Wednesday: 5.7
  • Thursday: 3
  • Saturday: NINE

NINE. I ran NINE miles. As my next-door neighbor told me upon seeing me crawl to my front door, “If I had to go that far, I would drive.” I told him he had an excellent point.

Seriously, though. Today HURT. It could have been due to the fact that Friday night included some adult beverages and late (for me) bedtime. Plus I had the bright idea that I would wake up and run an hour earlier so the temps would be lower, which led to me setting the alarm on my phone ( I usually use Greg’s phone or the iPad) which led to me not sleeping well because I wasn’t entirely sure I set the alarm correctly since I almost never use my phone anymore. ( I know.)

Whatever it was, I hit a little wall around mile 4-5, which I knew didn’t bode well. I did have the idea, though, to save my music until I needed it as a pickup. And I’m glad I did. I think it worked because I wasn’t really awake for the first 3 miles.

This was also the first run I did without even a sip of coffee. I may have to re-think that one. Anyway, it’s probably good to have a shitty run once in a while so I can re-evaluate a bit and remember that I do have to work at this. One thing that got me through was thinking that in a few weeks, 9 would be my taper week and I would be super stoked to “only” run that. Imagine.

Starting next week the Monday-Thursday runs get more interesting, at least in terms of varied distance. I don’t think I’ll be able to treadmill these – I’ll either be running outside at lunch or possibly starting super early like I did today. Hmmm…

A short and late post: Week 3 in the books – 25% there!

Not as much to report this week except to say I had what has the best-“feeling” long run so far on Saturday. My week looked like this:

  • Monday – Thursday: 3 miles/day
  • Saturday 6.22 miles (can’t forget that extra 1/5 of a mile!)

Saturday I definitely felt like I could have gone on for a while longer. Why did last Saturday feel  like a better run? The weather for sure. The temp was in the high 60s when I started out, which is at least 10-15 degrees cooler than my most recent outside-running temps. Man, I can’t wait until Fall.

No recipe this week, but some food for thought. This article on the gratitude of failure really resonated with me. I too have worked hard to become a “middle-of-the-pack” runner. I’m never gonna win any races, and I am OK with that (unless they are races in tiny Eastern KY mountain towns… Fungus 5K 2016, I am coming for you next year!) and proud of myself with how far I’ve come. It’s not always about winning the race.

Next post on Week 4 coming soon…

Week 2 training + a recipe link for your very own new addictive substance

So I finished Week 2, which looked kinda like this:

  • Monday-Thursday: 3 miles/day
  • Saturday: 5 miles

No crazy ideas like running a road race the same day as a training run or anything like that. Highlights of the week:

  1. I mapped out a route from my house that is exactly 3.0 miles and is mostly neighborhood-y, safe, and tree-lined with a few slight hills. Good everyday running.
  2. I run with a training group on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. It’s less like a training group really and more like a “check in here and if you show up enough times we’ll give you a T-shirt” group, but it’s motivating nonetheless and keeps me accountable. Anyway, turns out that 2 women from my hallway at work are running with the same group, so that was cool. They are in better shape younger than I am, so it was challenging for me to run with them and keep up. But I did!
  3. I wasn’t able to run with my training group Saturday but instead ran the 5 miler from home. Again was quite pleased with myself for mapping out exact mileage (why does that make me so happy? It’s like when I am putting away leftovers and I grab the EXACT RIGHT SIZED container. Anyway. It’s just the right amount of OCD.) This particular route also will extend into further mileage really easily for future weeks should I need it.

Random thoughts:

I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a little slower lately. I don’t know if it’s the heat or if I am favoring my knee. My treadmill running has been fine, so I ‘m thinking it’s a heat/knee combo. I’ve been playing around with some interval training on the treadmill to get my time back up, but what I really need to do is start working on some hill repeats to get ready for October. I wonder what a good formula for that is. Any ideas?

I’ve also been working on exercises for my lower half so that I can increase my glute and hip strength in order to decrease stress on my knees. Lotsa squats and deadlifts with some yoga in there too. Finally almost able to do lunges again thank goodness.

I just learned about this whole weight class thing at races. I didn’t even realize that was a thing… I guess it makes sense. I mean I sort of see the value in it. I am never gonna be one of those 115 lb. gazelles, nor do I want to be (on most days). But I don’t know if I can fully embrace it. Is there something Miss Congenialityesque about the whole thing? (And yes, I realize there is a separate weight class for men, too.) More rumination required.

Just so I am not ending this on a bummer note, and to prove that I’m really not fixated on weight, I wanted to mention this RIDICULOUS sweet treat I made last week. It runs around the Webs using lots of aliases: Matzo Toffee, Matzo Crunch, but really its proper nom de guerre is Matzo Crack. I am pretty sure it is excellent running fuel, and I used the recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen. Try it – you certainly will not be disappointed.